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Despite tech advancements, bringing a new drug to market remains a decade-long, billion-dollar endeavor. The time and costs of drug development continue to climb, leading to higher drug and healthcare costs, and making treatments less accessible for many. By taking a radically more efficient approach across the drug development lifecycle, we are moving faster than ever before toward bringing treatments to patients.

From the Founder

I went into computational biology, believing that applying AI to drug discovery could help expedite drug development. However, during my graduate work, I observed that inefficient clinical development of promising drug candidates was really one of the greatest bottlenecks to resolve in forming new treatments. This compelled me to start a company where we could create the pharma company of the future driven by tech and AI, with a mission of bringing new treatments to patients faster and more efficiently.

We believe bringing the best of tech and pharma together to build a pharma company that scaleswill ultimately transform the drug development industry and increase the number of much-needed treatments available to patients. Taking on the challenges of modern medicine will require a coordinated pursuit, organized against impossible odds, and synchronized for speed.

At Formation Bio we believe bringing together diverse people from different industries will allow us to achieve this. We are a team of tech and pharma experts who deeply believe in this mission and are excited to make a difference in the industry by bringing new treatments to patients faster and more efficiently.

Join us at Formation Bio to build the pharma company of the future.

Ben Liu

CEO & Co-Founder

Our Leadership Team

Ben Liu

Ben Liu

CEO & Co-Founder

Linhao Zhang

Linhao Zhang

CTO & Co-Founder

Gavin Corcoran, MD

Gavin Corcoran, MD

Chief Development Officer

James Leslie

James Leslie

Chief Financial Officer

Melissa Enbar

Melissa Enbar

Chief People Officer

Our Investors

Formation Bio has raised capital from a range of technology and biosciences investors. Investors include Sam Altman, Michael Moritz, Sequoia Capital, Thrive Capital, Section 32, John Doerr and others.

Thrive Capital
Section 32
Spark Capital

Select Advisors

  • David Nicholson

    Former Chief R&D Officer, Allergan

  • Lawrence Olanoff, MD, PhD

    Former COO & President, Forest (Allergan)

  • June Bray

    Former Sr. VP Reg Affairs, Allergan

  • Rehan Verjee

    Former President, EMD Serono Inc.

  • Don DeGolyer

    Former CEO, Sandoz

  • Ken Somberg, MD

    Former CMO, Covance

  • Jay Parikh

    Former VP of Engineering, Facebook

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