At Formation Bio, we believe that our people, values, and culture serve as a great competitive advantage. We harness the collective expertise of professionals hailing from various industries to fast-track innovative treatments for a healthier future. Join us on our mission to transform drug development.

Our culture

At Formation Bio, we foster a culture of first principles thinking, growth, and innovation. We believe in creating an environment that encourages feedback and prioritizes the growth and development of our employees, empowering them to reach their full potential. We embrace the idea of being your true self, recognizing that authenticity breeds innovation and collaboration. With an emphasis on approachability, we believe in breaking down hierarchical barriers, enabling every team member to engage in meaningful conversations and build relationships, regardless of their position within the company. Join us at Formation Bio and be part of a team committed to revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry.

Working at Formation

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Our values

At Formation Bio, our values are the driving force behind our mission to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry. We approach each challenge with a combination of curiosity and a scientific mindset, constantly exploring and learning. Our commitment to care and inclusivity shapes a welcoming and transparent environment, fostering growth and diversity. These core principles guide us in our relentless pursuit of accelerating new treatment delivery to patients, ensuring that every day is maximized in our journey towards transformative medical breakthroughs.

  • Think in first principles

    At Formation Bio, we are looking to disrupt an established industry. We interrogate decisions and solve problems from first principles – we don’t do something just because that’s the way it’s always been done. By approaching work with curiosity and purpose, we believe we can achieve results that seem impossible on the surface.

  • Be a scientist

    Our mission often leads us into uncharted territory, where the best path forward is not obvious. At Formation Bio, we value scientists: people who are able to structure ambiguity and boldly carve a path forward through experimentation, iteration, and reflection. We problem-solve without ego and learn from mistakes.

  • Deliver care

    Given our immense ambitions, the path to success will be long. We believe in caring for ourselves and others along the way by building an environment of trust, transparency, and growth. We strive to make Formation Bio a diverse, equitable, inclusive work environment where all are committed to helping each other grow and feel they belong.

  • Champion the mission

    Our mission – to bring new treatments to patients faster and more efficiently – is our north star. At Formation Bio, we elevate the mission in everything we do: the decisions we make, the work we choose to do, and the people we choose to work with. Because when you’re developing tomorrow’s life-changing treatments, every day matters.

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Formation Bio Philosophy + Story

There are several thousand known human diseases, yet we only have FDA-approved treatments for about 500 of them.

Pay Transparency

At Formation Bio, we set compensation expectations up front, and we are committed to ensuring fair and competitive salaries for all roles. You can read more about our philosophy here.

Our diverse team

At Formation Bio we are focused on hiring and retaining a team with diverse perspectives and backgrounds, in order to learn from and challenge each other. Our goal is to cultivate an environment where every individual is evaluated and rewarded based on merit and has the opportunity to do their best work, grow and contribute to our mission. Equity and inclusion are priorities throughout the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding to performance management, internal mobility, compensation, and promotions.

What employees are saying

Formation Bio has given me the opportunity to take ownership over big projects and work streams, allowing me to have an impact on key functional business areas.

Maya Dongier

Senior Accounting Manager

The Formation Bio office is very open which makes it easy to collaborate and engage with different teams across the organization. People are very welcoming, supportive, and friendly. There is always a variety of different food and drinks available in the kitchen, in addition to foods that co-workers bring in for everyone to taste!

Joseph Frappaolo

Security Associate

I joined the company in July of 2018. I started as a Clinical Research Coordinator and was allowed to grow and adapt into new roles as the company's business model shifted. I transitioned into working as a Clinical Trial Associate after a couple of years, and now have over a year of experience as a Clinical Project Manager!

Gurpreet Singh

Clinical Project Manager

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