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Our mission is to bring new treatments to patients faster and more efficiently. We are a tech-driven, AI-native pharma company changing the way drug development is done.

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The future of pharma depends on changing the way drugs are developed

Formation Bio is built to develop treatments faster than ever before, striving to meet critical unmet patient need across a variety of therapeutic areas. We focus on radical efficiency throughout the drug development lifecycle without sacrificing quality and safety, bringing together ruthless process improvement with proprietary technology and AI advancements, and best-in-class talent.

The drug development bottleneck

The drug discovery revolution is generating new drug candidates faster and more efficiently than ever, thanks to the past decade of biotech-driven innovation and now with the rise of AI. However, drug development costs have exponentially increased, creating a widening gap between the backlog of known potential treatments and the comparatively few products that actually make it into the hands of patients. The existing drug development ecosystem can’t keep up with the pace of scientific discovery.

Our approach to drug development

Formation Bio acquires clinical-stage drugs from pharma, universities, and biotech and develops them faster and more efficiently by leveraging our proprietary tech-driven drug development platform. This model enables us and our partners to realize greater value per drug program by reaching inflection points earlier than industry norms while also accelerating access to new potential treatments for patients.

Our multidisciplinary team bridges the best of pharma and tech

Our team and advisors have collectively worked on 45+ approved drugs, and bring extensive expertise in:

  • Drug Selection
  • Drug Development
  • Technology & Software

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