At Formation Bio, we are focused on scaling drug development with technology and AI, rather than with humans. Our technology platform integrates into all core aspects of the drug development lifecycle, providing meaningful insights that enable faster decision-making and operations. We leverage a modern data stack, LLMs, AI agents, and other technology in novel ways to acquire promising drug assets, build our development strategies, and design and operate our clinical trials.

Our Technology Platform


AI-Driven Drug Development

At Formation Bio, we believe the future of drug development will be AI-driven, with AI tools and agents elevating and enabling human researchers to learn more, do the highest-impact work, and ultimately produce more treatments for patients.

We are laying the foundation for AI use cases throughout the entire drug development lifecycle. We believe that hyper-efficient drug development hinges on the creation and integration of AI agents and predictive models capable of sophisticated data analysis, complex task planning, and guided decision-making, allowing human experts to spend their time on the most critical strategic work.

Our path to fully realizing AI-driven pharma is iterative and deliberate, with a phased approach to AI innovation where each phase delivers tangible efficiency gains while also becoming a building block for the next phase to build on top of.

  • Short Term: AI tools to optimize workflows and processes

  • Medium Term: AI scientists (and other AI agents) to generate novel insights that augment and replace human tasks and decision-making

  • Long Term: Predictive AI to forecast toxicity, tolerability, and efficacy


Clinical Trial Engine

Our tech platform is built to expedite all aspects of our clinical trials while also improving quality, including study start-up, patient recruitment, and ongoing data collection and validation.

Traditional patient enrollment and engagement methods often lead to incomplete patient data, slow operational responses, and ultimately, delays in development programs. Additionally, conventional approaches to clinical data oversight and analysis struggle to keep up with the increasing volume and complexity of trial data, creating inefficiencies and blind spots.

Our platform leverages data and technology to deeply understand the populations we’re serving, personalizing and elevating the individual trial participant experience to enable faster enrollment. We automate the ingestion, reconciliation, and cleaning of clinical data, allowing for early detection of critical issues and richer insight into every data source, eliminating trial readout delays, unlocking sophisticated development plans and trial designs, and enabling faster, better decision-making.

  • Recruitment: Data-driven patient population feasibility, dynamic, high-touch patient journeys, expansion of traditional patient channels and engagement

  • Study Oversight: Anomaly detection and alerting, centralized statistical monitoring, automated data cleaning

  • Data Analysis: Programming-driven data validation and organization, interactive reporting, customizable dashboards


Universal Data Platform

Bringing a new drug to market hinges not only on the molecule itself, but also on the design of its development program. The ability to design an optimal program is bottlenecked by a labor-intensive process, requiring deep expertise and analysis of large volumes of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data from disparate sources. R&D scientists, regulatory experts, consultants, and others face the monumental task of collecting, organizing, and assimilating vast quantities and varieties of information required to make critical decisions pertaining to a program’s design.

The cornerstone of Formation Bio’s development efficiency is our Universal Data Platform, a centralized knowledge repository that ensures that the full spectrum of clinical data - regardless of volume, origin, or format - is readily available for our teams to facilitate the rapid creation of new applications needed for each new drug we develop and every trial we run.

  • Published or External Data: scientific literature, financial results, press releases, regulatory guidance,, KOL feedback, and more

  • Clinical Data: trial protocols, EDC and endpoint data, site monitoring, drug inventory management, labs and imaging, and more

  • Partner Datasets: claims databases, EHR databases, regulatory databases, commercial analyses, and more

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