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Our platform integrates and provides meaningful strategic and operational insight into all core aspects of the drug development lifecycle. We leverage technology such as LLMs and the modern data stack in novel ways to efficiently design and operate clinical development and maximize confidence in the validity of our trial results.

Our Technology Platform

Formation Bio
Formation Bio
Formation Bio

Patient Intelligence and Engagement

Traditional patient enrollment and engagement methods often lead to incomplete patient data, slow operational responses, and ultimately, delays in development programs.

Formation Bio’s patient platform leverages data and technology to deeply understand the populations of patients we’re serving, all while personalizing and elevating the individual patient enrollment experience to enable faster enrollment.

  • Data-driven patient population feasibility

  • Dynamic, high-touch patient journeys

  • Expansion of traditional patient channels and engagement


Clinical Data Oversight

Conventional approaches to data oversight and analysis in clinical trials struggle to keep up with the increasing volume and complexity of trial data, creating inefficiencies and blind spots in development.

Formation Bio’s technology automates the ingestion, reconciliation, and cleaning of clinical data, regardless of source. Our platform allows for early detection of critical issues and richer insight into every data source, eliminating trial readout delays, unlocking sophisticated development plans and trial designs, and unlocking faster, better decision making.

  • Anomaly detection and alerting

  • Centralized statistical monitoring

  • Automated data cleaning


Data Driven Drug Development

Bringing a new drug to market hinges not only on the molecule itself, but also on the design of its development program. The ability to design an optimal program is bottlenecked by a labor-intensive process, requiring deep expertise and analysis of large volumes of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data from disparate sources. Research and development scientists, regulatory experts, consultants, and others face a monumental task in collecting, organizing, and assimilating the vast quantity and variety of information required to make critical decisions pertaining to a program’s design.

Formation Bio operates with data-first principles. We maximize the value of data regardless of origin or format, breaking down traditional silos to ensure data is broadly and readily accessible across a single data layer to our teams for high-quality decision making.

  • Identification and evaluation of potential drugs to acquire and develop

  • Research literature synthesis and review

  • Tech and processes built with a data-first mindset to leverage learnings across lifecycle of studies, programs, assets

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