Navigating the Formation Values Interview

The Formation Values Interview (FVI) is a distinctive component of the hiring process at Formation Bio, focused on evaluating candidates' alignment with our core values.

3 min. readFeb. 16, 2024

This blog is focused on a pivotal stage of the interview journey with Formation Bio. At Formation Bio we are focused on hiring and retaining a team with diverse perspectives and backgrounds, in order to learn from and challenge each other. And to support that effort, we have implemented the Formation Values Interview (FVI). This article is designed to help you grasp the essence of the FVI and provide guidance on how you can prepare.

What is the Formation Values Interview?

The FVI is a distinctive component of the hiring process at Formation Bio. It evaluates candidates' alignment with our core values. This interview shifts the focus from the role-specific interview topics to your approach to problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and decision-making. The FVI is an important part of our comprehensive hiring process, giving us a unique opportunity to see how well you align with our team and working environment.

Why is this interview important to Formation Bio?

At Formation Bio, our progress is driven by a team that upholds our shared values and helps jointly build our culture. The FVI ensures that as our business evolves, we maintain a work environment where diverse viewpoints are embraced and every individual has the opportunity to excel. Your performance in this interview offers insights into your potential contributions to our inclusive culture.

Who conducts the Formation Values Interview?

This interview is conducted by Formation Bio employees who are specifically trained for these interviews. Your interviewer may be from a department different from the one you are applying to. This cross-departmental approach is integral to our culture at Formation Bio, as it reflects our commitment to cross-functional collaboration and a holistic appreciation of our company ethos.

Preparing for the Interview: Tips for Success

  • Understand Formation Bio's Core Values: Familiarize yourself with the values that are central to Formation Bio. Reflect on how these align with your own principles and experiences.

  • Reflect on Past Experiences: Think about instances where you have demonstrated these values in your professional life. Be prepared to share these stories in a structured way, highlighting your role and the outcomes.

  • Experience in Giving and Receiving Feedback: Be prepared to discuss specific instances where you have effectively given and received feedback. Highlight your approach to constructive criticism, how you incorporate feedback into your work, and its impact on your professional development.

  • Be Ready to Discuss Inclusivity: Formation Bio’s employee population is made up of people from a wide array of personal, professional, and geographic backgrounds, and inclusivity is key to how we work together. Consider how you have contributed to creating inclusive work environments in the past and be prepared to discuss these experiences.

  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Be prepared to discuss how you approach problem-solving and decision-making, particularly in challenging or unfamiliar situations and with colleagues who may have differing opinions than you.

  • Communication and Collaboration: Reflect on your communication style and ability to work in teams.

  • Ask Questions: The FVI is also an opportunity for you to understand our culture better. Feel free to ask questions about our values, team dynamics, and how we put our principles into practice.

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